Luohan Academy is an open research institute initiated by the Alibaba Group and launched by world-renowned social scientists in Hangzhou on June 26th, 2018. Luohan Academy will dedicate itself to collaborating with world-class social scientists and practitioners to collectively explore and shape the consensus regarding how to embrace the social and economic transformation brought about by digital technology. The purpose of Luohan academy is to serve the society at large, addressing the most important global challenges as well as having an eye for the humanity’s long-term future.

Job Vacancies

The Academy would fit each candidate's specific capability and research interest accordingly to the projects they will take on. As a fast-growing and dynamic organization, candidates have the opportunities to be exposed to diverse fields of work, connect with the world’s advanced academic insights, and comprehensively improve their ability and vision. Luohan Academy now offers job opportunities as follows with corresponding responsibilities and requirements.

Job Description

• Carry out cutting edge research on a broad range of topics in economics and finance, with a strong focus on digital economy; • Initiate, participate in, or support in-house academic research programs as well as joint research projects with internal and external experts or institutions. Experts are expected to share and publish in peer-reviewed scholarly journals and other outlets, so as to foster debates on digital economy in an active and expanding community, contributing to the Academy’s global outreach; • Conduct in-depth analysis and write reports on issues of great significance to the society as a whole, and to policymakers in particular. Contribute to a better understanding of the working and regulatory environment of new technology firms in the digital age.

Candidate Qualifications

• Candidates should have a Ph.D. in Economics or Finance, or a related discipline, from a university of good standing internationally. For senior positions, we welcome candidates with at least 3 to 5 years of working experience in academia, research institutions and think tanks, and major international organizations; • Solid training in theory and empirical skills are expected from a candidate, as well as a proven track record in research, policy analysis and thematic reports writing in related fields; • Candidates are expected to possess solid analytical, quantitative, and programming skills, they must demonstrate the potential to contribute substantially to research and policy analysis of interest to Luohan Academy and to the community of digital economic research more generally; • Strong empirical skills and familiarity with empirical data analysis or other fields related with digital economics and finance are an advantage; • Have strong written and oral English skills, and preferably proficient in or having good knowledge of Chinese. Experiences with policy analysis are a clear advantage.


• We strive to provide an excellent research environment to closely involved in the leading-edge research on digital economy; • Candidates will develop close interactions with academics, industry experts and practitioners; • Develop skills to work effectively in a dynamic and mission-driven environment and appreciate the innovative construction of ideological community in digital economy; • Candidates are also offered extensive computing facilities and access to privileged data.

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