Long Chen
president of Luohan Academy

Chen Long is a unique practitioner, researcher and thinker in economics and business in the global digital age.

He founded Luohan Hall, a social science research community at Alibaba, and serves as its president. Luohan Hall has attracted global economists, including seven Nobel Prize winners in economics, and has developed into a global community for social science research and dialogue in the digital age.

He was once the chief strategy officer of Ant Financial, and later served as chairman of Alibaba's Sustainable Development Management Committee, and also served as the academic chairman of Alibaba Research Council. He presided over Alibaba's sustainable development (ESG) work and was responsible for Alibaba's future strategic research. In terms of business research and teaching, he served as the founding vice dean of the DBA program at Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business and chairman of the Alumni Council, and later served as the executive director of education at the Lakeside Innovation.

Recent Work
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